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Clubs on Show

2011 Review

A perfect day, weather wise, greeted AFD officials as they ventured onto the oval at around 5.30am on Sunday.  The day was looking promising.  6.00am and the early birds started rolling onto the oval to join the 100 odd cars that were in place Saturday.  The sweet smell of Bacon and Eggs urged those overnight campers from their swags.

By 9.30am the oval was almost full, and there was a hive of activity as clubs and traders put the finishing touches to their displays, car owners were wiping off the last signs of polish and the sun was shining.


The weather was warm and sunny all day, the crowd was good and steady.  Leo Geoghan had a steady flow of people wanting to chat and get his autograph.

All in all it was a great day and the early count showed the committee will be in a good position to help out this years charities - Heart Kids and SIDS.

For now you can view the results for the day here, and photos are in our Galleries.

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