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Leo Geoghan

60's and 70's racing legend Leo Geoghan traveled to Perth for 2011 AFD show.  Leo and his younger brother Ian "Pete" were household names in the early days of Australian Toruing cars.  The Geoghans had oil in the veins and were desitined to be racers with their Father owning a car dealership and being involved in motor racing, and the family involvement extended to the Geoghan's sister.

geoghanLeo spent many years racing Lotus open wheelers, many of them Ford powered, and spent some time in "tin tops" piloting Cortinas, XW GTHOs and Valiant Chargers.  It was the later that inspired Leo's desire to return to Perth, he was invited to attend the 2011 Chrysler Expo in Perth earlier in the year.  When he heard of an opportunity to attend the All Ford Day, he was keen to attend.  This time it was an extended trip, hel spent the Sunday at the All Ford Day talking with fans and signing autographs and he stayed a few more days and see W.A.

So don't miss this opportunity to meet a legend.

2011 was  a great show, the oval was full with 550 entries, so we had to say "No" to some people.  We have Leo Geoghan visiting and with support from the public it was a record year.