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Going Green

The All Ford Day has stepped up it's commitment to the environment this year with a donation to the Duncraig Bush Ranger Cadets.  With funds from the 2013 Show, the AFD has provided the Cadet unit with a trailer and materials to build a shade house.  For the past 7 years the Bush Rangers have engaged in project to row and plant trees on salt effected farms in the South West.  These all important trees not only help address the salinity issue, the also offset greenhouse gases.


Since the project began the Cadet Unit has relied on the generosity of Cadets and their families to grow trees in their back yard however, this lead to inconsistencies in the quality and quantity of trees grown.  With the materials provided by the AFD, the Cadet Unit has now been able to construct it's own shade house which should lead to the production of more and better trees.


To get these trees to the farms the Cadets have had to rely on the generosity of other and borrow trucks and trailers from a variety sources.  The provision of the trailer from the AFD will be useful on many camps and more importantly provide a consistent form of transport for the trees and save a lot of time each year.


To date the Duncraig Cadets have planted over 15 000 trees with over 10 000 having survived some harsh conditions.  With the support of the AFD the Unit is hoping to get 40 000 trees which should be more than enough to offset the greenhouse emmissions of the AFD Cruise and Show each time.

 brwa trailer