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Code of Conduct


For all Entrants.



The All Ford Day W.A. Inc. code of conduct applies to all entrants and committee members (herein refered to as Members) and sets out the standards within which Members, including their family members, friends or acquaintances are expected to act when attending any All Ford Day W.A. Inc. event or meeting and any other associated club event or meeting. In summary members are expected to act in a manner that will not bring All Ford Day W.A. Inc. into disrepute. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated during any All Ford Day W.A. Inc. event, or an associated event or meeting. The All Ford Day intends that the spirit of the Code of Conduct is adopted as well as the letter of the standards within. The All Ford Day W.A. Inc. expects a high standard of behaviour at all times which is essential to maintaining the trust and confidence of  the General Public.

The Code of Conduct is about developing a consistent understanding of desired behaviours, towards each other and any persons that we come into contact with who may not necessarily be an Entrant of the All Ford Day.

Not every circumstance is covered in this document, however it provides the guide for a commonsense approach.

Scope of this document

This document has been primarily written to cover All Ford Day W.A. Inc. Events but also refers to associated events.

Governance Principals

  • We act with integrity and in a manner that a fair person would consider appropriate and reasonable.
  • We act at all times in the interest of the All Ford Day and Classic Car Movement as a whole.
  • We are fair and honest in our dealings with Members, our suppliers, our service providers, other associated clubs and with each other.
  • We are aware of our legal and regulatory responsibilities and comply with these to the best of our abilities.
  • We avoid conflict of interest and do not seek to secure unreasonable benefits for ourselves and others.
  • We keep Members informed of our decisions and actions.
  • We do not discuss Members private business with others nor do we repeat rumours about any Member, Club Member’s family or Member’s vehicle.
  • We do not use our Committee position to belittle others.

Compliance with the Laws and Regulations

The Club Committee is bound by legal requirements that affect the way its business is conducted. They must comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

Act Honestly and Professionally

The Committee and Members must act honestly, in good faith and in the best interest of their Club and the Classic Car Movement as a whole. Any Member who believes activities may compromise their Club or the All Ford Day interests should advise an appropriate Committee Member. Appropriate behaviour must be maintained at all times when involved in any All Ford Day W.A. Inc. event.

Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

All form of discrimination, harassment or bullying are prohibited and Members showing any of these traits are expected to explain their actions to Event organisers and or the Executive Committee and to make restitution. An unsatisfactory resolution could result in the cancellation of membership, or the expulsion of the offenders from an event. These actions are not only unpleasant, they are also illegal and leave Committees, Clubs and Organisers open to litigation.

General Behaviour of Club Members

Some actions by entrants to the event or associated event are grounds for cancellation of entry and in some cases require that Police be notified of their actions. These include but are not limited to –

  • Assault on another Club Member or member of the public
  • Drunkenness
  • Unruly or obnoxious behaviour
  • Non-compliance with State or Federal traffic laws
  • Damage to or interference with any vehicle

Action within Delegated Authority

Each Committee Member has a level of authority within which they can act and all Committee Members must be informed of their level of Authority. When uncertain of their authority, Committee Members must seek clarification before acting on behalf of their Club.

Observance of the Code of Conduct

The Club’s Management Committee must make the Code of Conduct known to all Members and all Members should ensure that its application is enacted in both word and spirit. Club Members are responsible for any non Club Members they either bring or invite to any All Ford Day event, Club meeting or event or a non member club meeting or event.

Opinions on behalf of All Ford Day or your own club

Opinions should never be given to the media or anyone else unless you are the elected or nominated spokesperson for the FGTCWA (Inc.) without clarifying that this is your opinion only and not that of the All Ford Day W.A. Inc. or your club. If asked for the opinion of the All Ford Day W.A. Inc. or your club and you are not the spokesperson, this request should be referred to the Executive Committee for comment.