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How to Enter

Entry Details for All Ford Day Cruise - October 30, 2022.


There is no pre-entry for the cruise, all you need do is arrive at one of the start venues and enter on the day.


We recommend you arrive well before 10.00am, once you get your run sheet you can leave on the cruise. First cars will depart at 10.00am.

It will cost you $10 per car to enter the cruise and this will be collected at the Start Point.

Here you will be given an entry form to complete as well as the Route Instructions, an Entry Sticker.

Officials at the gate will assist with the placing of the sticker, so it is in the right location for officials at the end to allow you entry onto the oval.

Vehicles will only be allowed onto the oval if they are displaying the correct sticker.

All profits from the All Ford Day Cruise are added to the profits of the All Ford Day Show, which are then used to assist various Charities.



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Entry Form, download now and hand in on the day.

Cruise Poster to share with friends.