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The next All Ford Day Car Cruise will be on in just

October 28 2018
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IMPORTANT Parking Information

Two IMPORTANT Points for ALL entrants of the All Ford Day Cruise to note.


In order to maximise the use of carparks, keep traffic flowing and reduce the risk of classic cars over heating, if it is a warm day, we will not be able to reserve parking.  Entrants will be parked in the order they arrive.  Therefore, if you wish to park together as a club, or want to park with a group of mates, then communicate with one another and organise to travel and arrive at York as a group.  if you arrive together then you can park together.


Second point is the main street of York.  We can park cars in the main street however, as it becomes a perdestrian mall for the duration of show then vehicles must be in place by 11.30am and cannot be removed until after 3.00pm.  So long as you are willing to comply with that condition then we are happy to allow you to park in the main street, if there is room at your time of arrival.