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After the 2007 Show funds were used to support:


Camp Quality

Funds were used to establish an Enertainment Rooms for the kids of Camp Quality.  This included comfy furniture, computer and game console.

In addition a cruise was organised for the families of Camp Quality.  Families were picked up in Belmont in Classic Mustang and GT Falcons, taken for a cruise down to Point Peron.  There they enjoyed a BBQ lunch and some games before returning home.

cadet chud 3

Salinity Project

Pots, soil and seed were purchased for the Bush Rangers to grow salt tolerant trees.  Once the plants were about 40 cms high they were transported to Tambellup and planted in salt effected paddocks.  Approximately 2000 trees were planted and the target is to get to 50 000 over the next decade or so.