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In 2017 the funds from the Show were used to support:

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Support from the AFD purchased a refigerated cold water drink fountain in the outside area of the cycle school in Maylands.  The installation of this water fountain reduced traffic in and out of the building for children to access water, this reducing air conditioning costs.  Also provided an important source of water to keep children hydrated on warm days.

In addition to the water fountain the AFD also purchased a large quantity of Constable Care cuddly dolls to go into comfort packs for displaced children.  Every day children are displaced from the family home for many reasons - serious road accidents, domestic violence etc. and they are given a care pack with essentials to get them by.  Toothbruch, tooth paste, PJs, a cuddly doll and a few other items.

The AFD is very proud to support this worth organisation.

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