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Clubs on Show

Ace Ford


In 2013 the funds from the Show were used to support:


Manna is a compassionate charitable organisation providing hope and dignity to the hungry, the lonely, the disadvantaged and the underprivileged community in Perth, WA. From what began as the simple act of feeding a few homeless people in a park, Manna has grown to become one of the largest providers of meals to the homeless and disadvantaged people in Perth.

While the AFD provided the Lion's share of the funds, Manna Inc chipped in about $8 000 to purchase a new Transit Van.  Lane Ford Mandurah came to the party as well and provided the LWB Van at a very competitive price.  Manna Inc are making good use of the van picking up food and making their all important deliveries.  They also have plans to build a servery into the side of the van to improve safety for volunteers when issuing meals to the homeless.

 aussie invader

The car is Aussie Invader 5R and it is now a reality, running a single bi-propellant rocket motor, producing 62,000 lbs of thrust (about 200,000 horsepower).

The car weighs 9.2 tonnes fully fueled and is capable of accelerating from 0 – 1,000 mph (1,600+ km/h) in just over 20 seconds. In that time the car will burn 2.8 tonnes of propellant and at full speed will travel a mile in around 3.5 seconds!

The money from the AFD will cover about 50% of the cost of the all important nose cone of Aussie Invader 5R.  Construction of the nose cone began in April 2013

 cadet chud 3

More than 9,500 young people participate in over 190 cadet units throughout the State and involve around 1100 volunteer instructors. Cadets participate in a range of activities that develop leadership and life skills, and a sense of community responsibility and service. Secondary school students taking part in Cadets WA will typically undertake adventurous training, camping, hiking, sporting activities and exercise their leadership potential.

The trailer purchased by the AFD for the Bush Rangers will be of great value to the cadet unit transportimg trees and luggage.  Up until now the unit had to borrow a variety of trailers and vans to be able to get the trees to the planting sites.  The piping etc purchased has enable the unit to build a shade house which will improve the quality of trees grown