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Mustang Owners Club

mustangThe Mustang Owners Club of Western Australia (Inc) was formed in May 1978 by a group of enthusiasts with a common interest and passion in the marque of the Ford Mustang.  They joined together to share knowledge and to increase their ability to locate hard to find parts.  Today’s club spans all Mustang generations. The club boasts more than 180 members mustang2throughout Western Australia and is amalgamated with the Mustang Owners Club of Australia which has branches in most states and is affiliated with the Mustang Club of America as well as liaising with other clubs in the USA and throughout the world.  The club is represented at a national level by two delegates who travel twice a year to represent the club at the National gathering and at the Victorian annual roundup at which all national delegates meet to govern the association. The basic aim of the club is to give Mustang owners the incentive to keep their vehicles in top condition both visually and mechanically and the opportunity to participate with their vehicle at club events and functions in a friendly social atmosphere in the company of other Mustang owners.

You don’t have to own a Mustang to be in the club.    If you are an enthusiast of the Mustang and just want to be a part of the club you are still most welcome.  Our members join for the social aspect of the club and bring together mateship, participation in charitable events as well as being community and family orientated. In addition those with a competitive nature have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions including Historic ‘AROUND THE HOUSES’ events, Nostalgia Drags and horsepower competitions.mustang3

For those who just wish to preserve the Marque, there are events to have your vehicle judged to determine the best Mustang in this state as well as the best in the nation. We also encourage ‘Show and Shine’ participation with opportunities to present your Mustang with other car clubs and show car enthusiasts. The Mustang has been a dominant winner on many occasions.

mustang1Many a Mustang owner has been through the experience of rebuilding a Mustang, starting out with a neglected wreck to restoring it to the unstoppable Pony as we know it released from its corral onto the streets of Perth and beyond.  Social activities include monthly meetings, the State Roundup and Concours, Annual National Concours (in various host states), BBQ and picnic family outings, observation and country cruises as well as Christmas and Club birthday celebrations.

Whether you are from the old school of 1965 or the latter generation of modern day performance and technology there is a place in the club for you.   The club has a monthly magazine which provides information on club meetings, social events and articles of interest.

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